Planning a Rustic Wedding

Planning a Rustic Wedding

Defining "Rustic" With These Essential Décor Elements

When you’re planning a specific style of wedding, there are a few hallmarks that are the characteristic pillars of that style. Are mason jars, Edison bulbs, and tree stumps essentials for a rustic wedding? Not necessarily! What makes something rustic is the way it’s made in a plain and simple fashion. It’s usually something that references a countryside or rural aesthetic. In this article, we'll unpack the details that make a rustic wedding what it is.

Rustic Wedding
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Rustic isn’t just a style.

What you’ll find in the countryside are wooden barns that look aged, surrounded by foxtail grass, wheat, corn, or other crops. Most traditional farmhouses comprise distressed wood and store hay, pitchforks, and wheelbarrows. Essentially everything about a stereotypical farmer’s lifestyle is considered rustic. In the late 1800s, the Edison bulb was invented and became the popular bulb for farm homes. It creates incandescent light which is made by a heated wire filament that creates a yellow glow. This aura of the yellow light and the way it shines onto elements of the farm, like the hay and distressed wood, attributes to an organic warmth and a homey ambiance. You don’t necessarily need an Edison bulb to create that ambiance, but make sure to consider the type of light and fixture to create a rustic look.

Barn Wedding
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There are elements outside of farm life that embody a rustic style, too. For example, the addition of tree stump décor to the rustic-chic style has little to do with farm life and much more to do with an agrarian look. Mason jars have become a common addition to the rustic wedding style because they're simple, unpretentious, and they fit into most themes.

Create a balanced juxtaposition between modern and rustic.

If your venue is more contemporary in style, you can choose to imbue rustic charm with modern amenities. Strike a balance between the two styles such that the atmosphere appears to be more rustic than modern to ensure the juxtaposition still feels cohesive. Modern restroom amenities are typical features to which you can add rugged details and rustic appeal by way of décor. Conversely, you can add some modern elements to the already rustic exterior or interior of the venue, the altar, the food stations, and the bar to create a balanced juxtaposition.

Modern Rustic Tablescape
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In any case, a personal touch like hand-woven wicker baskets for plaid-patterned blankets is stylish and practical in rustic spaces. Hand-made centerpieces with farm-like materials, such as twine, and hand-carved wood are all hallmarks of a rustic wedding.

Add a rustic theme to all design details.

Rustic wedding decorations famously incorporate hand-written signage or hand-written escort cards. When it comes to event rentals, the two kinds of materials to prioritize for tables and chairs at a rustic wedding are wood and metal. Naked cakes, which have little to no frosting on the sides, mimic the texture of weathered wood. These are all components that look bare in one way or another.

Rustic Wedding Cakes
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Highlight various textures.

Recycled paper, or seed paper, for your stationery suite can make an impression on guests that hints at your rustic style. In your floral arrangements, consider pinecone bouquets with accents of wheat, bound by ribbon and twine. Incorporate artichoke leaves or local greens into your table runners to manifest a natural vibe. Determine whether you’d like to integrate biodegradable confetti into your wedding ceremony or grand exit. Every detail that accentuates a simple-life or earthy concept will contribute to your rustic wedding theme.

Rustic Stationery
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