Saving Money With CinePhotography

COVID-19 and Its Effect on Wedding Budgets

We’ve all seen the headlines and like us, you may have thought this virus wouldn’t affect you personally and certainly wouldn’t intrude on your wedding plans. Well, as much as we’d like to think that’s the case, it appears the virus will have an impact on us all. If we don’t get the virus personally, we certainly will know someone who has, or some plans that we’ve made will be altered in one form or another.

The Financial Impact

There’s no doubt at this point the financial effect it will have on many Americans. It has certainly had an impact on our business already with some of our commercial shoots being canceled amid fears of bringing large groups of people together. On the wedding side however, we’ve been contacted by couples who are tightening their budget but don’t want to lose quality video and photo for their big day.

This brings me to today's point! If you’re in the position of needing to tighten your budget and really don’t want to skimp on quality, choosing CinePhotography is one of your best options. Companies offering CinePhotography are capable of delivering high-end photo and video without the insanely high-end price. 

What Is CinePhotography?

Using 4K Resolution Cameras, the highest megapixel quality on market, our team is able to actually pull stills from our stunning wedding footage, allowing us to deliver the wedding photos of your dreams at a fraction of the cost. 

Skilled Cinephotographers offer:

  • State of the art cameras with 4k Video and Exceptionally high quality photos
  • Fewer shooters day of
  • Full and complete coverage of the entire day

Watch this video to learn more, or click here to see package details!

Big Day on a Budget 

The list of benefits to choosing CinePhotography is a long one. In short, complete coverage of your most precious day can be done with three or four shooters rather than four to six shooters. This reduction in staff saves you money while not skimping on quality or coverage. Any company offering CinePhotography MUST be filming in 4k so you instantly weed out those still filming in HD. Often times those companies willing to invest in high-tech film gear take what they do seriously and will likely be a solid team you’ll want covering your big day.

In 2020 there's absolutely no reason to spend $10,000 on quality photo and video when it can be done for under $5,000. If you’re starting to think that perhaps you should find creative ways to keep your big day on budget, take a serious look at CinePhotography. With over 10 years of experience filming weddings and almost four years offering CinePhotography, we’ve seen many changes in this industry and CinePhotography is the most exciting one we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of!

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