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Six Things Your Wedding Planner Does That You Might Not Know

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If you have no idea where to start in the wedding planning process, a wedding planner is a great investment to consider. Even if you have keen organizational skills and consider yourself crafty, your professional life may be so demanding that you have no free time for orchestrating an event of this importance. A wedding planner will help facilitate vendors, contracts, budgets, design details, and more. But besides the more obvious and well-known tasks of the job, read on for a list of six things Mavinhouse planners historically do behind the scenes that often go unnoticed by their couples but help create a seamless and enjoyable experience.

1. Tackle Transportation

On the morning of a wedding, our planners will text your transportation team. Unlike those other vendors that we're communicating consistently with the months leading up to your wedding, your driver information typically comes in the day before the wedding. We like to start a group text with all drivers, so they can keep us updated on timing and logistics because we’re often on-site prepping the ceremony or reception spaces.

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2. Team Meetings

In addition to monthly prep, we hold a last-minute production meeting on the day of the wedding with our day-of assistants. A shared note from our phone is distributed to all fellow team members so that even if they aren’t the lead of the event, they're just as capable to answer any questions a vendor or guest may ask. Thoughtfully thinking ahead to prep our team members and fellow vendors will help make sure everyone is on the same page.

3. BTS Communication

Part way through the morning, we’ll reach out to your maid of honor or "best person" to check in. Our hope is that our couples will be totally relaxed during their morning and not interrupted by us, but we like to have someone’s contact so that trust and timing are established. We try to check in with the beauty team prior to arriving on the property as well so that we can get a real-time sense of timing, as things don’t always go according to schedule.

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4. Ceremony Advancements

Prior to your ceremony, we’ll check in with the musicians to double-check that the music is correct and that they're happy with their space. We may also take this time to mic-up the couple if we’re using AV during the vows. Lastly, one pro tip of ours is to check the groomsmen's pockets. We try to remove all phones so that pockets don’t look funky during photos and no unwanted ringers go off during the ceremony.

5. Tee Up Cocktail Hour

You may decide to take photos during this time, so we coordinate with our caterers to have drinks and snacks on hand right after you recess down the aisle. This time together is often a fun moment for a celebratory toast and it ensures our priority that you're eating and hydrating throughout the day.

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6. Guest Services

Does a bridesmaid need a safety pin or a waiter a band-aid? You name it, we have it in our emergency kit. Inevitably, something like this will arise and we never want our couples or their families to be interrupted during the reception with these menial moments.

All of the vendor’s jobs are important but it’s a balancing act of ours to make sure your priorities are spoken for and everything is happening the way it's supposed to be. Most importantly, a wedding planner will take care of all of the tiny details and formalities so that you can relax and be a guest at your own wedding. Mavinhouse offers complimentary consultations, so if you’d like to learn more about our capabilities and the tasks of a planner, drop us a line!


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