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Top 10 Reasons to Have a New Year's Eve Wedding

Glitz, Glamour, & Lots of Champagne

The holiday season can be the perfect time of year to get married. Not only are most venues beautifully decorated, but your big day is another reason for family and friends to celebrate during an already festive period. And what better day to throw a fabulous party than New Year’s Eve? To prove that point, we’ve come up with the top reasons holding your wedding on this holiday is a great idea.

Not everyone has fun plans for NYE.

It isn’t always easy making plans to ring in the new year. In fact, finding something to do can be seriously stressful for some people, so many of your guests will appreciate having something set on their calendars well in advance of the date. You’ll be planning all of the fun—all they have to do is show up!

You get to be with your friends and family.

It’s rare that you get all of the most important people in your lives in the same room on a holiday. With a NYE wedding, you’ll get a unique moment to be with all of your family and friends when the clock strikes midnight.

NYE Wedding Confetti
Photo courtesy of Luma Weddings

Everyone has off the next day.

Most companies give their employees a day off for New Year’s, so even if your wedding date falls on a weekday, your guests shouldn’t have to use up a vacation or personal day for the following day.

Guests can get glam.

If you want to host a formal or semi-formal affair, NYE is the perfect date for it! Ask guys to get dressed in their best tux or suit, while the ladies can wear as much glitz and glam as they want. In turn, the couple can really turn it up when it comes to their own wedding day attire.

NYE Wedding Apparel
Photo courtesy of Luma Weddings (Left), Jenny Tong Photography (Right)

You can celebrate into the early hours.

Since your wedding is on New Year's Eve, many venues might allow you to extend your reception hours at no extra charge. If that isn’t an option, you should still consider adding an extra hour to your party so that people don’t have to leave right after the clock strikes midnight.

It’s an excuse to go over the top with your décor!

New Year’s Eve is all about glitz and glam, so couples that want to showcase metallic colors, champagne towers, lots of twinkling lights, big balloons, neon signs, and even disco ball décor can go as over-the-top as they like.

Wedding Decor
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Wedding favors are easy.

Couples getting married on NYE don’t have to think too hard about favors for their guests. Simply hand out party hats, noisemakers, confetti bombs—anything you want guests to use when the clock strikes midnight.

Your exit can be grand.

This is the chance to make your exit as newlyweds as over-the-top as you want. See if your venue can arrange a fireworks display at the end of the night. Too expensive? Hand out some sparklers or an LED wand (for a safer option).

Wedding Sendoff
Photo courtesy of Luma Weddings (Left), Todd James Photography (Right)

You get to start the new year off as newlyweds.

One of the best parts of having a NYE wedding is that you get to start the new year off as a married couple! Your first kiss of the new year will be as newlyweds.

No one will forget your anniversary!

Not only will your wedding anniversary be easy for you (and all of your guests) to remember, but you’ll also have an excuse to really celebrate each and every year.


Hero photo courtesy of Luma Weddings

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