Unique Music Ideas for Your Wedding

Try This, Not That

When it comes to tying the knot, couples today are all about the personalization of their party. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all wedding DJs and bland buffets and, in their place, we’re seeing crazy unique wedding music ideas and super creative food stations. (Street corn and margs? Yes please.) Kate Swee of San Francisco and Los Angeles-based Entire Productions sat down with the team here at The Aisle Guide to share her top three tips for changing up the wedding-music game and marching (down the aisle) to the beat of your own drum.

1. Instead of a string quartet at your ceremony, try a violinist who plays with a loop pedal.

String quartets are a beautiful choice, but for the couple who wants to switch things up, I love the idea of modernizing the classic quartet. Find a violinist in your area who plays with a loop pedal for a layered, funky, modern sound. And if you’re feeling like really going for it, have her or him play covers of pop songs for a fresh and fun juxtaposition—there’s nothing as unexpected as hearing a cover of say, Beyoncé or Drake, on a violin. 

wedding music
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2. Instead of a jazz trio at your cocktail hour, try a modern americana group.

There’s nothing more sure to induce foot-stomping fun than a modern americana group. I especially love this idea for cocktail hour because the right group will be help keep the energy up and the atmosphere lively while your guests wait for the reception to start. This is also a great place to work in all of those romantic folk and blues songs you love, but that aren’t quite the right vibe for the reception when you want people to really cut a rug.

Wedding band
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3. Instead of a DJ or band at your reception, try a modern harpist who can sing with a backup band.

A DJ or live band during your reception is a classic choice, but if you want to surprise your guests with something out-of-the-box, I love the idea of finding a modern harpist who can sing alongside a backup band. From a super moving, slow first-dance song to an upbeat soundtrack for the reception, this eclectic combo of a harpist and backup band will allow you some serious versatility in your playlist.

PRO TIP: Are you liking the sound of unique wedding music ideas but need to collect more info before you finalize anything? Create three different playlists in Spotify to account for: ceremony music ideas, cocktail hour music ideas, and reception music ideas and start adding ideas as you go. 


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