Unique Phrases for Wedding Signs

Leave the Clichés to Other Couples

With killer calligraphy and everything from sleek acrylic to rustic wood to earthy canvas to choose from, wedding signage can be a great place to really work some creativity into your ceremony and reception. We’ve noticed, though, that so many wedding signage phrases get over (and over...and over) used. Today, then, we wanted to offer up some unique alternatives that won’t leave guests rolling their eyes or saying I saw that on Pinterest! Read on for inspiration, and get ready to let your wedding signage speak for itself.

Instead of Choose a Seat, Not a Side, Try:

  • What’s hers is now his, so don’t bother fussing with that “which side” biz.
  • We’re all family now and will be for a while, so don’t worry about which side of the aisle.
  • We happen to think rules are a drag, so pick any seat that’s up for grabs.
  • Mixing and mingling is the name of the game, so choose any seat that calls your name.
  • Questions that are more important than “Which side do I sit on?” [customize these questions to reflect your interests as a couple]:
    • What is the purpose of life?
    • Which bar in town has the best whiskey sour?
    • Will Lisa Frank ever make a comeback?
    • Where are all of my missing socks?
  • Things that are underrated [choose things you both love]
    • A good Bloody Mary
    • Sundays spent in pajamas
    • A perfectly foamed cappuccino
  • Things that are overrated:
    • Sides of the aisle.

For an Unplugged Ceremony, Try:

  • Eyes up, Phones Down, Hearts Open
  • The reception will be the place for all of you social media fiends. So, until then, please watch our ceremony live rather than through a screen.
  • We’ve got photogs on hand to capture the perfect shot. So we ask you keep those phones away while we tie the knot.
  • Let the buzzes come from the booze and the glow come from the bride. We kindly ask that, during our ceremony, you find a place for those phones to hide.
  • We’ve got photogs on hand to capture the day. So, during our ceremony, we ask that you keep those phones tucked away.  
wedding signage
Photos courtesy of Anneli Marinovich Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

For Directional Signage to the Reception, Try:

  • Killer dance moves + endless booze →
  • This way → for late-night celebration + endless libations
  • Relentless rug-cutting + Incessant imbibing →
  • Bad dancers, wild boozers, and those who just came for the cake: meet your match at The Garcia reception →
  • The Garcia Reception → For those about to dance, we salute you.

For Open Bar Signage, Try:

  • You know what goes great with a wedding? An open bar.
  • Things that pair well with everlasting love: An open bar.
  • You know what they say: When one wedding ceremony closes, a full bar opens.
  • Tonight, the drinks are free. Tomorrow morning, you’re on your own.
  • Tonight, the drinks are free. Tomorrow, the hangover will be costly.
  • We see your bad dance moves and we raise you an open bar.
  • Our bar is open, so belly on up--we’ve got some killer options to fill your cup: [insert custom cocktails description or bar menu]

Overall, wedding signs don't have to be cheesy or repetitive of signs you've seen ten times over on Pinterest. Work with wording and fun personalization options to create custom, one-of-a-kind signs that will leave your guests in absolute awe of your originality!


Hero Photo Courtesy of Greg Finck

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