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What are "Loose Blooms" With Lavenders Flowers

4 Big Reasons You Should Put in an Order

When planning and ordering flowers for a wedding, you likely think about personals, altar arrangements, garlands, swag, and centerpieces—but you might not think about ordering loose blooms. After all, as long as all of the arrangements are in their place, why would you have any need for extra, loose stems, right? Well, not necessarily—turns out, loose blooms are the gold-foil sprinkles on the Pinterest-worthy cupcake when it comes to wedding aesthetics. We asked the über talented Janelle Nicole Wylie of Lavenders Flowers for her thoughts on the benefits of ordering loose blooms for your wedding day. Read on for her top four reasons to order loose blooms for your big day:

1. They allow you to add last-minute accents

At any venue, there are always areas that could use design accents. Ordering loose blooms allows you add extra little touches to these spaces, without having to use an arrangement that might overwhelm the space. Think: bookcases, bar tops, dessert stations, around the cake, etc.

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Photo courtesy of Christie Pham Photography

2. They offer serious bang for their buck

Loose blooms are a great way to make dramatic differences in a space, without having to splurge on an arrangement. You’ll obviously want major arrangements and/or swags and garlands for the bulk of your floral, but loose blooms will really take an event over the edge.

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Photo courtesy of Christie Pham Photography

3. They make for stunning photos

Loose blooms are the details wedding publishers and bloggers look for and love. A photo of a guest book is one thing—a photo of a guestbook with loose eucalyptus sprigs and lush garden roses tossed around it, on the other hand, is a totally different (and, we happen to think, more beautiful) thing.

"If you're looking to get your wedding published, you'll want to use plenty of loose blooms in your design."

If you’re looking to get your wedding published or even just want stunning photos of the decor for your own keeping, you’ll want to use plenty of loose blooms in your design. And be sure your photographer uses them when setting up images of things like the stationery suite, dessert tables, bar setups, lounge areas, etc.

wedding place setting
Photo courtesy of Christie Pham Photography

4. They can often save the day

Inevitably, there’s always a last-minute detail that was forgotten in the planning, and having a few extra blooms on hand can save the day. Whether it’s a forgotten boutonniere for a relative, a few blooms to hide a small dent on the cake, or stems to style a photograph of a tabletop or wedding ring—you’ll always be thankful you have them on hand.

Overall, loose blooms are key when it comes to planning a stunning soirée. Just be sure to save your florist from stress by planning ahead and ordering loose blooms in advance. That way, they can add in the cost of additional blooms beforehand, so other design elements don't suffer the cost on the day-of. 

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Photo courtesy of Christie Pham Photography


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