Long Sleeve Boho Wedding Dress

Why a Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Is Perfect for You

Stay Cozy in the Winter, Ethereal in the Summer, & Elegant All the Time

What do Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, and Morticia Adams all have in common? Iconic dress sleeves! After the impeccable Duchess of Cambridge floated down Westminster Abbey’s aisle in her stunning gown with stunning sleeves in 2011, brides everywhere followed suit, and for very good reason. Sleeves can really elevate a dress and bring a touch of elegance and class to your wedding attire in a whole new way. As you approach the overwhelming task of choosing a wedding gown, sleeves become part of the equation. Below are four reasons why long sleeve wedding dresses are the perfect fit for any affair!

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
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For Warmth

Your wedding season is a great place to start when choosing the style of your gown, but surprisingly as much as a short strapless dress in the snow is out of place, or a giant ball gown trying to make it through a sandy beach in summer seems cumbersome, sleeves are incredibly versatile to fit any weather. The key to a sleeve choice is more about fabric than the item itself. A whisper-thin veil of lace over your arms or a structured brocade sleeve can both be lovely in the right climates. For warm weddings, lighter, floatier fabrics are best when sleeving a gown, and for cold-weather weddings, you can go right on up to a thick, more insulating material to provide warmth.

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For Confidence

Sleeves are the universal leveler of all gowns, in a magic way. Oftentimes, brides are self-conscious about their arms (Which is silly, your arms are amazing!). But can you guess what frees your mind from such concerns on your big day? Sleeves! A long-sleeved gown might be just the thing to ease your mind and bring back your confidence on your wedding day. There are no wrong arms, and there are for sure no wrong arms in some beautifully made wedding sleeves. Arms are meant for dancing, not holding in a frozen state of fear of appearing wrong in a photo.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
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For Comfort

You want to be able to freely do the YMCA dance and bouquet toss on your big day, so you may wonder if your sleeved gown will hold you back. A good rule of thumb is to first try all those motions when you try on your dress!  Shoot your arms up to the sky and wave from side to side. If something is uncomfortable, try another style or another size. Well-made wedding gowns are constructed with give in the arms and should not be an issue.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
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For Fashion

Long sleeve wedding gowns go way back to medieval times, so it’s a pretty safe bet that this style of gown is timeless. Look to the famous gowns of not only Grace and Kate, but recent brides such as Allison Williams, Olivia Palermo, Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Sophie Turner. So many iconic gowns had full sleeves and beautiful brides sporting them over the years.

Long sleeve gowns can keep you cozy in the winter, ethereal in the summer, and elegant at any time. Take a cue from so many iconic ladies that have gone before you and consider sleeving up. You may be surprised at how much you love the look and how much more confident you feel on your big day!


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