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Welcome to our world full of ocean breeze, sunny days, romantic sunsets, fresh lemon squeeze margaritas events and let’s party like there is no mañana!

Romantic Cabo Weddings is a wedding planning company based in Los Cabos, Mexico that creates magical and memorable weddings and engaging experiences that reflect their clients.

We take pride on carefully listening and gather all your ideas and vision and bring it into reality with a touch of style and still yet keep the vibrant vibe that this special destination offers.




Katie .
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Jun 05, 2020
Perfectly personal... Outstanding experience!

We planned our Cabo destination wedding from Chicago, and it's even an understatement to say that we couldn't have done it without Illeana - More accurately, having Illeana as our coordinator actually enhanced our entire experience! She far exceeded our expectations not only in how thoroughly and professionally she handled every detail of our wedding, but she herself is a beautiful and kind personality. She took personal care of us, even providing a calming oil for me (the bride) when she found me slightly stressed out in the days leading up to wedding, and made sure we were well cared for by her team. On the day of the wedding she had an even larger team than we expected there to help our guests be comfortable at the ceremony and to keep the wedding party organized and on schedule. We originally hired Illeana as a vendor, but consider her a close friend now. We are so grateful to her and her team!
Gabe and Neleigh .
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Aug 17, 2020
Class and Taste...

Illeana, Illeana… Where can I even begin to sing her praises! When we decided to have our wedding in Cabo, we thought “we can handle on this on our own, how hard could it be, right?” HA!!!

After dispelling that notion, we began our online hunt for planners. We were immediately bombarded with emails and calls. One after the other kept offering us pre-planned, pre-priced, typical weddings at resorts which we were not inclined to have as our vacation destination, much less our wedding destination! We were disheartened- surely someone understood our style?

Then along came Illeana. Once you meet her, her warmth and kindness radiate from her face and her being. She genuinely cares, and has a beautiful heart.

We began planning our wedding right when COVID hit, so none of us knew the challenges or timelines ahead of us. Illeana handled everything with grace and ease. She gave us updates on Cabo, and was always timely with our questions.

Related to questions, pretty sure we had a lot! She was always responsive and quick to communicate at every turn.

We had our vision of perfection, which she turned into reality. She has a deep roster of local vendors for everything you need. And when you don’t know what you need, or who is best, she has an innate kind way to tell you who would be perfect. Illeana has class, taste, and elegance which will be showcased at your wedding!

Illeana, thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts! We are forever grateful for helping us have our dream wedding and our “happily ever after”!

Much love,

Gabe and Neleigh
Audrey M.
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Jun 18, 2020
Best wedding planner around!

When we began the wedding planning process, I had no idea what exactly to expect. I thought that planning a destination wedding for around 150 guests would be a relatively simple task so initially we did most of the work on our own (I should note that there was a planner that came with our venue, but she was more of a guide, not an actual coordinator! ) However, a few months in to the process we realized that we would need some help, so we reached out to a few people in the area and we were given Illeana's name. We immediately set up an interview, and we ended up hiring her very soon after. This was the BEST decision we made throughout the course of the planning!!! Illeana was on it from the very beginning. She was able to not only see our vision, but to expand upon it and help steer us towards the right decisions (and there are SO MANY decisions). Illeana has connections all over Cabo, so she was able to help us find the most affordable vendors as well as the best quality. Also, our wedding was extremely detail oriented, so keeping up with all of our requests was no easy task! We had so many moving parts and ideas that we wanted to incorporate that it was difficult for us to keep track, but Illeana was always one step ahead and took tedious notes the entire time. She is impeccable with details and she will always respond to emails/texts/calls in record time. Illeana is a true professional! You will rest easy knowing that she is truly taking care in all facets of your wedding. Not only is Illeana an excellent wedding coordinator, but she is also a kind, funny, and caring spirit! Over the course of time that we worked with her, we developed a relationship with her as a friend. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and there can be hiccups along the way... We definitely had a few, and Illeana was right there to guide the way. She never even seemed stressed, NOT once!! On the actual day of the wedding she was working diligently to execute our vision, and I had complete confidence that she would. She had a member of her team helping me get ready and seeing to it that I had everything that I needed while she and the rest of her team went to work on creating our wedding wonderland. I was unbelievably relaxed, fully knowing that she and her team would do a good job. I was absolutely correct!! Everything was perfect!! Each detail, every single one! I was blown away and can truly say that our expectations were exceeded! I am forever grateful to Illeana and her team and cannot recommend Romantic Cabo Weddings enough!! Thank you!!!

Audrey McAuliffe
Gail Bilenko
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Jun 04, 2020
If your having a destination wedding in Cabo- hire Illeana.

Our wedding would not have been possible without Illeana’s help.

We chose a hotel that although beautiful and new, was very unresponsive and had many kinks to work thru as we were one of their first weddings. Illeana would GO TO the property each time to get questions answered, negotiate and help me visualize the space with various vendors.

I was A pretty needy bride, Illeana made sure I was happy, everything was perfect: organized and Beautiful. She knew, how, when and where to negotiated to keep me in budget. Everything was perfect thanks to Illeana and her team. Hire her, listen to her suggestions, and you be soo happy with the outcome
Amanda S.
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Jul 01, 2020
Destination Wedding Coordinator

Illeana was truly a wonderful coordinator.
She was very good at answering my questions and provided great advice that comes from years and years of experience.
She was also very resourceful and provided reputarle vendors she works with (Flowers, DJ, fireworks, etc.) I met with her a couple of times in person before my wedding and her and the team made my vision come true!

During your wedding you will be so busy hosting people it is crucial to hire the right team that will come and do all the work with little direction. She truly was wonderful during the whole experience!

She was always available and didn't take long for her to answer my e-mails. She helped me with all the details like giveaways for my wedding and she even gave me a fan for when I was hot and we were on a final site of the venue.

I would recommend her to anyone getting married in Cabo!
Ashley E.
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Jul 01, 2020
Destination Wedding Success!

Our wedding was just few month ago and I could not have been happier with how everything went!

Illeana has so much experience and was truly instrumental at helping me plan my wedding from another country. There were so many moving parts and she took care of everything seamlessly, I literally didn't have to worry about a thing. (For me, this speaks volumes because I have issues not being in control of everything).

She even brought an assistant on the day of the wedding to bring along everything I needed, and also made sure we were sticking to timeline. The wedding was everything we'd hoped for and, literally, almost every guest made me aside to tell me how beautiful the wedding was and how well everything flowed! Her experience at our venue and with decorations/vendors/timelines was so incredibly valuable at making our wedding seamless, she made sure no detail was overlooked, and flowed with last minute changes I threw her way.

It was a dream and I would recommend Illeana to anyone!
Sayeh Kamali
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Jun 04, 2020
Best wedding planner!

My husband I really enjoyed working with Illeana. I am a pretty picky person and she was very easy to talk to, comfortable, and she made sure our wedding day was perfect :) Everything was on point and extremely organized.. It was perfect!! I highly recommend her services.

Thank you Romantic Cabo Weddings :)
Renee S.
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Jun 15, 2020
Every detail was taken care of! Illeana and her team are incredible. The wedding day was PERFECT! Every detail was taken care of and executed beautifully. All my guests were asking me, "How are you so calm?" It's because I didn't have to worry about a thing. It was the most special day for my husband and I, and we got to fully enjoy it.
Daisy S.
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Jun 05, 2020
Illeana made my dream destination wedding become a reality!!! I don't think there are enough words in the world to describe the amazing experience I had with Illeana and her entire Romantic Cabo Weddings team! Planning a wedding is hard...a destination wedding - even harder!! Illeana was the answer to my prayers! I met Illeana 8 years ago when she planned my sister's wedding. I was younger and not involved so I did not know how the whole planning process works - but let me tell you - I could NOT imagine planning any wedding (local or destination) without Illeana + Romantic Cabo Weddings by my side! I had a guest list of 150+ people, a very complicated wedding venue, many vendors (local and some which I flew to Cabo) and everything went so smoothly thanks to Illeana. Illeana was there for me every step of the way - she is knowledgable, detailed-oriented, responsive and extremely easy to work with. I had many venue issues and specific details that seemed merely impossible - but Illeana delivered on every crazy request - if it was important to me - it was important to her. She has many contacts - if you need something for your wedding, she knows who to call. On top of finding and providing the best vendors, she found the best rates too! She knows what she is doing! On the days leading up to the wedding, Illeana made sure that all the last minute details were handled so that I would be stress-free. On the day of the wedding, she made sure that I was smiling and happy at all times. She had one of her team members by my side the entire time making sure that I had everything I needed. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding planner or team!!! I am grateful for Illeana and the entire Romantic Cabo Weddings team for making my dream wedding become a reality !!!! Thank you!!!!
Hallie A.
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Jun 20, 2020
Illeana with Romantic Cabo Weddings was nothing short of amazing!!

As we all know planning a wedding is extremely stressful. Well once I was connected with Illeana at Romantic Cabo Weddings I felt so relieved to have assistance who was knowledgeable in the industry and could take all the stress and pressure off my hands. Illeana was very responsive and proactive, I emailed her almost daily for 6+ months and she always responded in a timely manner and took care of whatever I asked. My husband and I are so happy we found Illeana and our wedding would have not been the same without her.
Mac Thompson
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Jun 04, 2020
Illeana is the very BEST wedding planner in Los Cabos

If you are considering hiring a wedding planner for your destination wedding then I would have to say that hiring Illenana at Romantic Cabo Weddings will be the best decision that you will ever make. She has lived in Cabo for over 25 years and knows everyone personally and she is everything that you could ever ask for in a wedding planner. She is extremely detail oriented, she knows every vendor in the area (the very best ones), she will help you negotiate the best price (very important) and she genuinely cares about you and making sure that you will have the best day of your life. She went above and beyond in every way (including traveling to every grocery store in a 50 mile radius to make sure we had the right salsas for our welcome bags). She worked so hard on every single part of it and executed every single detail perfectly with her amazing team. The venue/hotel where we had our wedding came with a planner, however we would never been able to pull off the ceremony, party, reception the way we wanted to without hiring Illeana. I would say that about 90% of our stress went away when we decided to hire Romantic Cabo weddings. Illeana took matters into her own hands immediately. This was very important to us because planning a wedding is stressful enough. Even when were were finished with the wedding and everything Illeana still came by our brunch to help out and helped us with a few other things as well. She worked harder than I could have ever expected and over the last 6 months of planning we have become genuine friends. I can’t recommend her enough she is a true gem and my wife and I are still glowing from the experience almost one month after our wedding!
Hallie .
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Jun 15, 2020
Illeana with Romantic Cabo Weddings was nothing short of amazing!!

As we all know planning a wedding is extremely stressful. Well once I was connected with Illeana at Romantic Cabo Weddings I felt so relieved to have assistance who was knowledgeable in the industry and could take all the stress and pressure off my hands. Illeana was very responsive and proactive, I emailed her almost daily for 6+ months and she always responded in a timely manner and took care of whatever I asked. My husband and I are so happy we found Illeana and our wedding would have not been the same without her.
Patty + Tony
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Aug 15, 2020
I found Illeana by doing a google search for a wedding planner in Cabo and I'm so glad I moved forward with her! I first emailed her to get a vibe from her and I immediately knew she was the one! She was so kind and helpful, no matter how many questions I had. Illeana is extremely knowledgeable with all things weddings and had vendors for everything we wanted! She was very honest when I threw in random ideas and I appreciated that so much. Unfortunately, the pandemic started and almost ruined our July 2020 wedding but Illeana was easy to reach and provided us with all information needed about all the precautions Cabo was taking. We felt confident and decided to move forward with our wedding and we are so glad we did! It was a small intimate wedding and everything was perfect! Illeana pays attention to detail and makes sure that you are relaxed on your wedding day. We are so grateful for her and her entire team, they are super professional, and caring and I was surprised when her assistant asked if she can get us a drink while we were taking our wedding pictures by the beach, again the ATTENTION TO DETAIL was above and beyond! Seriously, look no further, in Illeana you will not only find a talented wedding planner, but a caring friend too! All of our family and friends left feeling like they lived a dream. Illeana, we can't ever thank you enough for all of your hard work!