How to Pick the Perfect Hashtag for Your Wedding Day

How to Pick the Perfect Hashtag for Your Wedding Day

Create a Hashtag That's Unique, Custom, & Catchy

Wedding planning includes many steps, checklists, and decisions, but perhaps the best part of it all is getting to come up with your wedding hashtag. You’ve probably seen other couples sharing their cute wedding hashtags that seem to fit them perfectly, but have you ever wondered how they came up with it? If you’re struggling to pick the perfect hashtag for your wedding day, stick around. We’ve got some incredible tips that will help you plan ahead to achieve wedding hashtag envy.

What's a Wedding Hashtag?

In today’s day and age, there’s a good chance you already know what a wedding hashtag is, but just in case you don’t, we’ll explain. Sure! Hashtags are a part of our everyday vocabulary. We add them to the photos that we share on social media without even thinking about it. Your wedding hashtag is used in the same way, but the intention is a little different. 

Wedding hashtags are an innovative way to group all of your wedding photos in one social gallery. It’s so cool because we know that getting your wedding photos is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding, and the first thing you’ll want to do is share them with the world. So your wedding hashtag takes your wedding photos and groups them together in one online social gallery so you can take them with you. 

You never see anyone walking around with their coffee table wedding photo album, right? Well, it’s because it’s too bulky and heavy. Now, you can have this full wedding photo album that you can share with your friends, wedding guests, co-workers, and the world. All online for your convenience.

How to Pick Your Wedding Hashtag

When it comes time to pick your wedding hashtag, you have a couple of options. And depending on how witty you are or clever at wordsmithing, a little help may be necessary. The key to the best wedding hashtag is to have one that's catchy but also fits your style. And whether you need help creating it or can whip it up in a minute, some inspiration is always helpful. So, read on to learn how to pick your wedding hashtag, as well as see some creative examples of wedding hashtags that are unique, custom, and catchy.

1. Hire a Professional Hashtag Writing Service

Like we said, having the best wedding hashtag boils down to creativity. You want it to be unique to your journey in life and easy for your friends and family to remember. Maybe it’s playful, catchy, witty, inspirational, or hilarious (even “punny”). If this sounds impossible for you to do on your own, we recommend using a wedding hashtag service. It’s the easiest and best way to get a customized and unforgettable wedding hashtag for your event.

How It Works

The process is super simple. You just answer a few simple and easy questions about your names, likes, vibe, and wedding details, and voilà, you’ll receive a custom wedding hashtag. They’ve written millions of hashtags for couples worldwide and are quite possibly the largest network of professional wedding hashtag writers that’ll give you excellent hashtags.


Yes, hiring a professional wedding hashtag writer will have some fees associated with it. However, when you consider and weigh the amount of time you’ll spend trying to develop something unique to your love story, it’s priceless. Wedding Hashers have packages as low as $25, which includes three professionally written wedding hashtags, delivered in two business days all the way up to the Ooh La La Platinum Package that offers a satisfaction guarantee, 12 hashtag examples, and more. 

What People Are Saying

Having a wedding hashtag is one of the most popular wedding trends right now. But, if you’re on the fence and unsure if this is something you want, check out what some real couples have to say. 

“Wanted something witty and fun to match our relationship, and the writers seriously delivered! I ordered the silver package and got my hashtags so quickly. Impeccable customer service, I cannot stop talking about this whole experience!”


2. Use a Wedding Hashtag Generator 

We know that wedding budgets can get out of control pretty quickly, and while the cost of a professional wedding hashtag writing service is minimal, we know every penny counts. Luckily, there are also some free options for creating wedding hashtags. 

How Do Hashtag Generators Work?

It’s pretty simple because everything happens behind the scenes. The # is attached to a computer-based code that allows everything connected to the same “exact” phrase all appears together—creating a social photo gallery.

With a hashtag generator, you enter minimal details and get instant results. The results you get may be hashtags that have already been in use or will be in the future. So one downside is that the uniqueness of your wedding hashtag may be compromised. 

Wedding Hashtag Signs
Photo courtesy of Andrew & Jade Photography (Left), Tiffany Von Photography (Right)

3. Create Your Own

Creating your own wedding hashtag is always an option. Especially if you're witty with words, you can really have some fun with this. You can even turn a romantic date night into a hashtag brainstorming session! First, write down a few words that reflect your personality, favorite things, hobbies, and names. Then play with the words to arrange them into a hashtag that’s unique to your wedding and love story. 

Decide What Kind of Hashtag You Want

No matter which type of service you use to create your hashtag, the first step is to decide what kind of wedding hashtag fits you. They can be funny, traditional, witty, sentimental, hilarious, and even punny. If you can't decide, taking this wedding hashtag quiz may help. 

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Hashtag

If you’re going to try to DIY your wedding hashtag, you may need a little help. When it comes to describing yourself, it can be challenging to find the right words. Involving your friends or family can help you not only select the right words or combination of words, but it will also create beautiful memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. 

Bring in Support

If you feel that you need help to create a killer wedding hashtag, why not plan an event? Invite both sides of your bridal party and play a game. Have everyone come up with their ideas or words that describe both of you and the things you like, then call them out loud or write them on a giant board. Then you can mix and match words until you come up with one that’s unique and fits your story.

Use Your Last Names

Using your last name is a great way to create your hashtag. Here are five examples of couples that made unique and memorable hashtags with their last name.

  • #TammyGoesLogue
  • #AwwSchucks
  • #Jamaicanmeawallace
  • #LoveAtHurstSight
  • #NewlyWebbs

Get Creative with Puns

Here are a few ideas of funny or punny wedding hashtags. 

  • #ShrewThickAndThin
  • #HolySprattimony
  • #OneBellOfaWedding
  • #OhHillYeah
  • #TheRestIsHesstory
Wedding Signs
Photo courtesy of Lauren Dixon Photography (Left), Meredith Lynn (Right)

How to Use Your Wedding Hashtag

Once you’ve come up with your custom wedding hashtag, you’ll have to spread the word so that your wedding guests know to use it. There are many different ways to market your wedding hashtag to your wedding guests that are sure to help you gather a whole perspective of your wedding journey. Remember, your wedding photographer can’t be everywhere at the same time. The photos that your guests capture will also help you see your wedding day in a 360-degree view. Things that you may have missed will become some of your best memories.

Here are a few ideas on how you can get the word out: 

  • Invitations: When you design your wedding invitations and other paper products (programs, menu cards, etc.), make sure to include your wedding hashtag.

  • Signage: Signage at your wedding is one of the best places to market your wedding hashtag. You can have it displayed on welcome signs, table signs, menu or drink signs, and wall décor. And keeping with your wedding theme, your hashtag becomes part of your décor, setting up the perfect ambiance. In addition, it’s a great way to encourage your guests to share photos in your social gallery.

  • Social Gallery: Everything from the epic proposal to the wedding exit can be captured on film and stored together in your online social wedding photo album using your unique wedding hashtag. Weddings are about more than just one day, it's a journey through love. Start using your hashtag right after the engagement, so your social gallery includes the proposal, engagement party, and everything up to and including the wedding.


Hero photo courtesy of Katie Edwards

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