newlyweds walking on san clemente beach

California Coastal Romance at Ole Hanson Beach Club

Dusty Blue Beach Wedding in San Clemente

This totally SoCal couple wanted their wedding day to embody all of the romances of their casual coastal lifestyle and provide their guests with a relaxed, yet warm ambiance for the evening. What began as a relatively simple planning process quickly turned into every wedding couple's worst nightmare when their venue permanently closed. Bailey and Zach shifted their venue to the Ole Hanson Beach Club and it fit their vision even better than the first! This new space was ideal for their soft tan, white, and dusty blue color palette. A custom surfboard seating chart, table numbers from local surf spots, and other carefully curated decor helped fill their new coastal venue without detracting from the beautiful beach.

“Aisle Planner played an essential role in our planning process for Bailey and Zach’s wedding. With its comprehensive features, we were able to handle all aspects of the event seamlessly. One of the standout features was the ability to invite the couple to join us in Aisle Planner, allowing them to actively participate in the planning journey. The checklist feature was incredibly valuable, providing an overview of the couple's progress and keeping us in sync with our tasks. It allowed us to stay organized and ensured that everyone involved was on the same page throughout the entire process.

The timeline and layout features were also great to have from the start. We created a detailed timeline and layout early on, making updates as needed throughout the planning process. This streamlined approach ensured that everyone had access to the most up-to-date versions, which helped with efficient collaboration and maintaining a sense of order.

Additionally, Aisle Planner's contact and budget tabs were a great bonus. They centralized our vendor contacts and financial information and included automatic payment reminders. Overall, Aisle Planner was an essential tool, keeping us organized and enabling smooth coordination among everyone involved in the project,” shares Jaclyn Zelasko of In the Details.

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