Eclectic Urban Love Affair in Athens

Eclectic Urban Love Affair in Athens

A Modern & Edgy Greek Summer

Summer is by far the most popular time for tourists to visit Greece. You may not think of Athens as your dream wedding destination, but this city can offer you something that islands can’t. So Ellwed coordinated this inspirational shoot to capture the edgy urban vibes of Downtown Athens.

Several important traditional places were featured, including the local Koulouri (round bread pastry with sesame seeds) vendor from Ermou Street, the Lukumades (small local doughnuts with honey) bar, and the iconic Monastiraki square. And you can’t forget the famous yellow taxis and the almost forgotten phone booths that are scattered throughout the city!

The bride brought this shoot to the finish line with an Epifanios Atelier designer two-piece wedding gown with a sheer top, while the groom wore a custom Sur Mesure navy blue checkered costume suit and white made-to-order shirt. From the graffitied walls to the local sweet treats, this amazing and unique styled wedding resulted in an outstanding depiction of a hot urban summer in Greece!

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