Fall-ing in Love at Magnolia Gardens

Blue & White Luxury Under the Oak Trees

Magnolia Gardens is considered one of America’s most beautiful and last large scale romantic-style gardens. This styled shoot, hosted by Taylor’d Southern Events, is one of a kind. It combines elements of bohemian, traditional southern style, and class. Magnificent larger-than-life oak trees and soft cascading Spanish moss surrounds the venue. The tranquil landscape portrays the harmony between love and nature. The reception was set up in the stunning garden house and the ceremony features the Ashley river and the famous white bridge and pavilion. The elegance and luxury are brought to life with blue and white china. Light blues accent the décor, bouquets, chairs, and cake, and drape from the wedding arch and the tables. White florals from Tupelo Honey Flower Shop & Co. add a pure sweetness to the contrasting greenery of the garden. The centerpieces are unique and magical in the way they sit high above on long golden stands. The bride wears a lace flowy dress from Maddison Row South and the groom sports the perfect beige suit from Men’s Wearhouse. Light fills the space as the sun beams through the trees and the sparkling champagne glistens.

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