Italian Garden Wedding at Villa Miralfiore

Italian Garden Wedding at Villa Miralfiore

Elegant Old-World Architecture in Pesaro, Italy

Italian garden weddings may seem a bit aged, but those old-world details bring a timeless elegance that could never go out of style! Villa Miralfiore is a glorious expression of that style with its two geometrical gardens decorated with statues, fountains, and historical architectural elements.

Joy Wedding Planner and Officina dei Matrimoni gave emphasis to the formal perfection of the villa with a tour around the walkways, fountains, and patios ornate with an elegant summer palette of blush, baby blue, and lilac. These delicate pastel colors were brought to life in the lavish floral arrangements of plumbagos, roses, and delphiniums.

The dinner table was set in the middle of the magnificent labyrinth garden dressed in pastel pink and dusty blue candlesticks. Gold cutlery outlined the elegant vintage china and glassware, complete with a blush fringed napkin wrapped in a hand-written place card. After admiring the marvelous view from the villa terrace, the newlyweds relaxed in front of an antique fireplace for an evening caffè.

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