Love in Color

A Colorful Handcrafted Southern California Ranch Wedding

We've always been in awe of the creativity of a handcrafted wedding and amazed at the thought, effort and heart that goes into bringing a personalized vision to reality. Beautiful details, handcrafted by the bride and groom themselves, at every turn, gave guests a truly personal glimpse into a world where a love for creativity, color (and street festivals) reign supreme.

The Location

Sara and Garrett fell in love with the Ranch at Bandy Canyon the minute they stepped foot on this beautiful 144 acre ranch, nestled in the heart of San Pascual Valley. They knew it would be the perfect setting for the street fair style "afternoon in the park" they had in mind for their celebration.

The Event Design

The bride handcrafted every detail, from the beautiful hand painted letterpress invitations and wedding signs to the beautiful paper flower blooms that adorned almost every aspect of this beautiful outdoor event. Bright colors in every hue were incorporated into every little detail, from the bright colors of the welcome table to the color wheel inspired ceremony to the bright cocktail, wine and champagne glasses that drinks were served from at the bar.

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