A Monet Marriage

Modern Impressions, Serene Sensibilities

Claude Monet, being fascinated with architecture, painted Houses of Parliament, London in 1899. This painting captured the essence of a dusky, sultry late afternoon in London and that is the basis for this simple and sexy modernized decor. We love the way that the editorial geniuses at Blooming Wed used the media of this impressionist painting as an expressive vehicle for this awe-inspiring artistic design. Hues of grey and dusky blue backdrop this gorgeous minimalist wedding. Every feature of the design almost whispers to us, ‘less is more’. From simplistic clean whites to touches of yellow, lilac, and pink, the mood is as calm and serene as a late afternoon in London. Blooming floral details housed in small rectangular vases present a level of dynamism and vibrancy to the simple and traditional table decor. Silver utensils and soft white plates are countered by sky blue napkins and dusky blue candles. With modern shapes and effortless arrangement, this elemental design scheme is sure to be all the inspiration you need to plan a wispy, dramatic, and unconventional summertime wedding.

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