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A Walk In The Parks Events

ABOUT A Walk In The Parks Events

A Walk in The Parks Events plans, coordinates, and designs a variety of events.
Our goal is to give you peace of mind as we plan, coordinate and/or design the event of your dreams. We also give a portion of all funds to a charity of your choosing.

Making Memorable and Unique Events should be A Walk In The Parks!


Have an idea of what event you want but don’t know where to start? The Garden Package is the right package for you! You bring us the seeds and we help you create the garden you want. In this package, we are with you from budget creation to post-event payout. You give us your dream event and we make it a reality. We don’t leave you hanging the day of the event! This package includes the perks included in the Day of Coordination package. I’m sure one of your worries is “should I even have an event during these uncertain times?” We aren’t here to tell you that you should or shouldn’t have an event, but we are here to make you and your guests comfortable, which is why this package includes FDA Registered Black 4-Ply Masks, 1 oz Hand Sanitizers for each guest, and access to a Zoom Pro account.

You did all the planning but you need help bringing it to life. The Bouquet Package is for you! You bring us the flowers (event) and we make the bouquet. Though this is known as the “Day-of Coordination Package”, our job starts as soon as you book us! We work with you prior to the event so everyone can be on the same page. We want to see your event through your eyes. What’s the point of celebrating if you can’t enjoy your own event?! We are here to take your worries away and make sure your dream event is executed your way! To ensure you and your guests are safe, this package includes FDA Registered Black 4-Ply Masks and 1 oz Hand Sanitizers for each guest.

You have an idea of the event you want but you need help on the creative side. We are here to help! With The Petal Package, we will bring your event to life. Your event will be uniquely designed to match what you have in mind. You can be as involved in the design stage as you would like. We design and decorate every detail of your event from top to bottom. What makes a flower beautiful and gives it personality? Its petals. That is the purpose of this package, to make your event as beautiful and unique as possible. To ensure all of your guests are comfortable and safe, complimentary 1 oz hand sanitizers will be provided to each guest.