Wedding & Event Planning


ABOUT Gatherings

Relationships have changed.
Why haven’t weddings?

Couples have become a lot less traditional over the generations. We might move in before getting married. We might have fur babies instead of human babies. We might wait longer to get engaged. But as much as couple dynamics have modernized, weddings have mostly stayed the same.

You will hear many newly engaged couples say they are excited to embark on their planning journey and make their wedding day unique and personal to them. But what you usually hear after a few months of planning go by is that they are stressed out by budgets, spreadsheets, and expectations. Suddenly their planning process has gone from Pinterest dreaming to logistical & financial nightmare. What if there was an alternative to all this?

I think every couple is unique and should pursue a wedding day that is authentically them, traditions and expectations aside. Do you want to have a micro-wedding of 25 guests? A backyard wedding with a bouncy house? A surprise wedding? A post-elopement all out party? A disco themed wedding at a roller rink? A big, classic wedding but with a twist? Here is something not everyone will tell you: YOU CAN! And I would love to help you plan it.

You have made your relationship your own, so why not make your wedding day your own too?