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My name is Luba. I speak four languages, live in Boston, and am in love with Italy!

I am also a Ph.D. scientist and for many years I worked as a director at an international innovation company, coordinating many complex, multinational projects, and developing deep cultural and business ties across the globe.

I have always had a passion for bringing people together, and am now able to use my extensive research and project management skills in creative ways, as a Certified International Event and Wedding planner. I focus on beautiful Italy and charming New England, and my priority is you, my couple -- the most rewarding aspect of my job is to see you and your guests enjoy your special celebration to the fullest.

My daughter Dina is living in London for the past 8 years and is helping as a local representative for couples living here who decide to celebrate their marriages in Italy. She also assists as an on-site coordinator during weddings there. Dina speaks Italian and is entirely in love with the language and the culture!