Synthetic Color

ABOUT Synthetic Color

I’m Not For Everyone Because I Believe in Simplicity

I’m a 35mm film wedding photographer because I believe in delivering real prints to my clients, a rather slow process all while ignoring current wedding and IG trends. As such, there’s an inherent beauty of being able to say I’m not for everyone. My off the rails but often quiet personality certainly does not fit the general fast-paced, often aggressive sales driven wedding industry, with no intent in doing so.

I believe in minimalism. I believe in keeping things simple to the point and practical, reflecting in both my wedding portfolio and film wedding photography cost and pricing structure.

While I’m not for couples who plan extravagant weddings, I believe I’m the perfect fit for couples who value the elegance of a minimalist and simple wedding. And if you find meaning in the romance of eloping, if you believe in road trips without a destination, if you value analog visuals and sounds, and if you believe that creating something by hand is an expression of knowledge, then perhaps, I might be for you.