10 Beautiful Libraries Where You Can Get Married

10 Beautiful Libraries Where You Can Get Married

The Perfect Wedding Venues for Book Lovers

Binding and storytelling. Paper and ink. Sweetness and earth tones. Shelves upon shelves of exquisite spines. Libraries are the home to adventure, growth, and nostalgia. If you and your partner have an affinity for literature and books, there are some truly awe-striking libraries where you can get married! We’ve done our reading and hand-picked 10 gorgeous libraries that will make you scream—they’re that dreamy! Get ready to add a new chapter to your life and begin your own happily ever after story.

1. The New York Public Library

The Stephen A. Schwarzman building in the New York Library is versatile, grand, and quintessential New York. The building has stunning spaces for the ceremony and reception. There’s even space for a dance floor! All event fees go to the library’s book collections, services, and programs. So your wedding can support a community and cause that you’re passionate about!

New York Public Library
Photo courtesy of Brian Dorsey Studios

2. Boston Public Library

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, couples can pick from several layouts and venues in the breathtaking palace of edification. You can host your ceremony in the magical courtyard, and move the reception to Bates Hall, and dine under famous murals by Peirre Puvis de Chavannes.

Boston Public Library
Photo courtesy of Emily Tebbetts Photography

3. George Peabody Library

Ranked one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, John Hopkins University’s George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland is architectural book heaven. It’s described by the designer as a “cathedral of books.” Known for its sacred sun-drenched reading room, marble floors, glass skylight ceiling illuminating cast-iron columns, railings adorned with gold-leaf, marble floors, surrounded by six stories of 300,000 historic books dating back to the renaissance. What’s more romantic than that?!

Peabody Library
Photo courtesy of Rachel May Photography

4. Harold Washington Library Center

The Chicago, Illinois library has an impressive post-modern design with elements of classic Beaux-Arts. The Winter Garden is a grand atrium with a spectacular terrazzo and marble floor, encapsulated in a glass dome for an inside-outside wedding.

Harold Washington Library
Photo courtesy of Dennis Lee Photography

5. The Bodleian Library

If you’re looking for a destination wedding, The Bodleian Library in Oxford University, England, is the one for you! It has a gothic old feel with ornate ceilings and dark wood furnishings. The best part is that it has a variety of historic venues to choose from, as well as custom wedding packages and micro-packages. The library fully caters to weddings and has an extensive gallery to browse through.

Bodleian Libraries
Photo courtesy of Bodleian Libraries

6. Los Angeles Central Library

The Central Library is in the heart of Los Angeles as one of the most popular event venues in the country. Beautiful on the inside and outside, the space can be transformed to suit any theme. It’s surrounded by trees and tall skyscrapers for that ideal city love.

LA Public Library
Photo courtesy of Mike Arick Photography

7. Brooklyn Historical Society

This Brooklyn, New York-based library captures the classic and traditional ambiance of what we imagine when we think of a library. It’s a historical landmark with a timeless aura. The details are truly remarkable, from the stained-glass windows to the hand-carved wooden shelves. A scholarly wedding is in order!

Brooklyn Historical Society
Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Historical Society Gallery

8. The Richard Nixon Library

This gem is located in Orange County, California and is perfect for history buffs. It has an elegant ballroom that’s totally movie-esque and serene garden spaces to host cocktail hour and your reception. Choose from the tranquil reflection pool or the sweet fairytale cottage surrounded by pepper trees as your ceremony backdrop. They have a specialized team that will help make your experience the most memorable.

Nixon Library
Photo courtesy of The Richard Nixon Library Gallery

9. Salt Lake City Public Library

Utah is known for its astounding national parks and hikes, but Salt Lake City has a secret well-loved urban wedding venue spot! The public library is a dream for every minimalist bibliophile. Known for its modern 21st-century architecture, five stories, sharp angles, high glass ceilings, walls, and stairs. The Urban Room is especially lovely during twilight. It’s a scenic starry night come to life.

SLC Public Library
Photo courtesy of Salt Lake City Public Library

10. Free Library of Philadelphia

A modern yet historic library with a grandiose bigger than life aesthetic. Couples can choose from three lavish event spaces indoor and outdoor. It has a grand staircase and a rooftop terrace that overlooks the city’s skyline.

Free Library of Philadelphia
Photo courtesy of Brittney Raine Photography



Hero photo courtesy of Dani Leigh Photography

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