Classic Color Palettes for Any Season & Theme

10 Classic Color Palettes for Any Season & Theme

Color Combinations That Fit Every Wedding

So, you’re engaged, and choosing your wedding color palette is likely the first thing on your mind. That’s because colors and details are what make a wedding cohesive and memorable. Your wedding colors will tell your love story and will play a major role in choosing florals, accents, stationery, linens, wedding party attire, etc. But choosing just the right colors can feel like a whole lot of pressure and there’s so much to consider before picking. Like what’s your theme? What colors are best for the season you're getting married? 

No matter what season or era, some color palettes are everlasting. Color trends and seasonal colors are not for everyone, and with the possibility of rescheduling your wedding, it could be a great idea to choose colors that will work for any season! Explore these classic color palettes that are beautiful all year long. 

1. The Beauty of One Color Gradient 

If you can’t land on a set of colors, go ombré! Choose one color you're head over heels for and do a gradient of that color. Gradients are suitable for any type of wedding and provide that perfect balance of color. 

Pink Ombré Tablescape & Bridesmaids Dress
Photo courtesy of Barrie Anne Photography

Shades of pink, blue, and purple and especially stunning in ombré. Bridesmaid's dresses and florals are lovely in altering shades of the same hue. You can play around by adding contrast with linens in darker shades and accents in lighter shades.

2. Gorgeous Jewel Tones

Emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple—these richly saturated hues are show-stopping in every decade. They're traditionally associated with fall but can be versatile for any season. Depending on what vibe you’re going for, you can do bright jewel tones for a moodier finish, or go for muted shades that are softer for more of a vintage feel. Jewel tones are also ideal for textured fabrics. They truly shine as velvet or silk. Consider incorporating velvet table runners, or silk around the bouquets. 

Emerald Wedding Inspiration
Photo courtesy of Shab & Coop Photography

3. Classy Blue, Blush, & Gold

For timeless elegance, these color pairings blend the royal and regal nature of blue and gold, with touches of blush to add some sweetness. Use navy blue as a base color, blush to complement it, and gold as the accent trim. Gold cutlery and plates, paired with blush roses and baby's breath will look effortless. 

Royal Blue Tablescape
Photo courtesy of Petula Pea Photography

4. Earthy Neutrals

Nothing screams chic like neutrals done right. There’s nothing boring about these colors! If you’re a down-to-earth couple that describes your style as indie, these colors are for you! Champagne, browns, tans, and creams all pair together as the ultimate comfort colors. They’re warm and inviting, while still being classy. Neutrals are all about the experience. Pair white and beige florals with pampas grass, fairy lights, brown lanterns, and you’re all set! 

Neutral Wedding Inspo
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Carpenter Photography

5. Organic Green & Ivory 

For the outdoorsy couple that loves nature, green and ivory will highlight your personality. Adding abundant greenery will make any space feel organic. Drape lush garland on the tables atop ivory tablecloths and beside ivory candles. Integrate plants and baskets throughout the venue to add some life and texture. 

Green LGBTQ+ Wedding Inspo
Photo courtesy of Angel Sheree Photography

6. Romantic Red & White

No matter what your theme is, romance should always be at the heart of your celebration. Red is the most romantic color. Opt for a deep shade of red with white to offset it. Pick fun red accessories like shoes, fasteners, bowties, etc. Rock a red lip and have beautiful red roses lining the aisle. Red print on stationery and signage will add just the right amount of color and boldness. 

Red Wedding Inspo in the Desert
Photo courtesy of Lindsey Cram Photography

7. Magical Violet & Cream

Violet and cream instantly transform a space into a fairytale. This purple hue is romantic and looks fantastic on furniture, antique flatware, and vintage candles. Add plenty of violet and cream florals. With this magical palette, the more blooms the better. Pair with cursive calligraphy and lights to really set the cottage core theme. 

Violet and Cream Wedding Inspo
Photo courtesy of Ashley Ice Photography

8. Relaxing Light Blue & Silver

Dreamy wonderland sprinkled with silver will soon become your favorite due to its relaxing effect. You and your guests will feel like you’re in the sky floating through clouds. Silver chargers, candle holders, and vases can hold darling shades of light blue. The wedding party will shine with light blue chiffon and silver jewelry. This color palette is soft and reminiscent of everything good.  

Light Blue Wedding Inspo
Photo courtesy of Chloe Ely Photography

9. Whimsical Orange, Yellow, & Fuschia 

Orange, yellow, and fuschia all blend and complement each other since they're on the same side of the color wheel. They're a great way to share brightness and happiness in your wedding. Your guests will leave with a smile on their faces. These shades work best as bouquets, arches, and centerpieces. Add these illuminating shades to your cake, dessert table, and drinks. Choose flavors that coincide with your colors like refreshing lemon, orange zesty pastries, and watermelon drinks. Since these shades can be very loud, use white or beige tablecloths and backdrops to add some balance. 

Orange and Yellow Wedding Inspo
Photo courtesy of Allison Clarke Photography

10. Minimalistic Black & White

For a minimal and modern aesthetic, black and white will elevate any wedding. Black tie events have remained popular because of their air of elegance. You’ll feel like you’re in a movie with black and white as your base colors. This classic power duo is a nice foundation for green leaves and white or colorful florals. Finish it off with modern décor like mini sculptures in fun shapes.

Black and White Wedding Inspo
Photo courtesy of Soft Hearts & Stills



Hero photo courtesy of Raelen Photography

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