Valentine's Day Wedding

10 Subtle Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Your Wedding

Pro Tips for Finding the Line Between Classic & Cheesy

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so it makes sense that many couples want to showcase this romantic holiday on their wedding day. But it’s a fine line between classic and cheesy, so when it comes to figuring out how to incorporate the theme into your event, less is definitely more. These 10 ideas from top wedding pros can help get you started.

Choose Small Details

While the red heart is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to overuse it. Instead, Chad Biggs of Chad Biggs Event Planning & Design recommends going with something more subtle, like an XOXO design. You can then carry out it out in everything from the invitations and cocktail napkins to the cake.

Valentine Wedding Details
Photo courtesy of Diana Lupu Photography (Left), Chad Biggs (Right)


Light the Way

If you still want to show off some hearts, do it unexpectedly. Samantha Leenheer of Samantha Joy Events suggests working with a lighting company to layout a heart pattern for a ceiling projection which can create a romantic feel in any space.

Fun With Florals

Another way to show off the heart on your big day in a subtle way: carrying a heart-shaped bouquet down the aisle.

Valentine Florals
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Add Some Accessories

Don a dainty pair of earrings, a design on your shoes, or even carry a deep red clutch. But this idea isn’t just for the bride; grooms can also get in on the action with a custom suit liner. “This can be anything from hearts to your wedding vows or maybe even a fun twist to swipe left on one side and swipe right on the other if the couple met online,” explains Biggs.

Hang Some Signage

Christine Ong Forsythe of Lavish & Co. suggests showcasing a large LOVE sign at the entrance to your reception, whether it’s a marquee or all floral design. You can also add some signs featuring love-inspired quotes around the event, such as near the bar or the sign-in table.

LOVE lights
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Play With Words

Create little puns throughout the event—like a "Love Potion Martini" or a "Cupid's Cocktail Bar"—to give the whole event a romantic but whimsical vibe, says Leenheer.

Speak Through Food

Ask your catering team to get creative with color and shapes, from a heart-shaped garnish on cocktails to a heart crostini. Even creating your hors d’oeuvre menu within the color palette of raspberry, pinks, and blush can feel festive and surprising, says Leenheer.

Valentine Food
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Book Out-of-the-Box Entertainment

Surprise your guests with some Valentine’s-inspired entertainment. Some ideas we love: a writer who will type up an original love poem for each couple; a real-life Cupid who can encourage guests to mingle; or a traveling band walking around the cocktail hour singing songs that only have the word “love” in it.

Serve Sweet Treats

One of the highlights of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate. Set up a romantic sweet candy or dessert station guests can indulge in during the reception, recommends Ong Forsythe.

Valentine Treats
Photo courtesy of Ashley Baumgartner


Send Them Home With Some Love

Giving your guests a cute favor that incorporates Valentine's Day such as heart cookies with a sweet note or chocolate-covered strawberries wrapped in a cute little heart bag is a simple way to celebrate the holiday at your wedding, says Melissa Reinke of Sweet Blossom Weddings.


Hero photo courtesy of Jonathan Fanning Photography

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