8 Summer Color Palettes for 2021

8 Summer Color Palettes for 2021

Colors That Will Spark Joy on Your Special Day

We’re all in search of happiness, especially after the challenges of the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that couples are seeking both light and bright color palettes this summer that radiates peace and energy. Think sunset hues, pastels, greenery, and vibrant colors. Whether you’re engaged or you had to reschedule your wedding, we’ve got eight inspiring color palettes that are painting summer weddings and love stories!

1. Feel Good Yellow

We all know yellow represents hope and cheer so it’s the ultimate happy-go-lucky color to add sunshine and optimism to your big day! It pairs well with white or green and looks stunning as a tiered cake. Yellow tulips or sunflowers embody the feeling yellow emanates, making them must-have florals for this palette.

Yellow Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Kristin Nichole Photography, Featured in Whimsical Touches at Sandlewood Manor

2. Calming Light Blue

Light blues are the easiest colors to pair in a palette and truly the most pleasing to look at. Get ready for a wave of calm with powder blue, periwinkle, and French blue. Light blues can be matched with whites, other shades of blue, and a navy blue trim. Blues are lovely as: 

  • Colored Glassware & Plates
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Florals 
  • Bouquet Ribbons
  • Fonts
Light Blue Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Captured by Martina, Featured in Whimsical & Modern Iridescence at The Lane

3. Elegant Lavender & Gray

Making lavender a central color to your wedding is effortlessly easy. By adding lavender to bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, your focus color is the star. The gray elevates the lavender to elegance. With gray napkins, tuxes, and finishes, you’ll feel like you’re at the most high-end spa!

Purple Wedding Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Petula Pea Photography, Featured in A Perfect Paradise Wedding

4. Earthy Green

Green tones are here to stay! They’re highly adored because of their versatility and the pop of life they bring to any space. Summer is synonymous with tropical palm trees but it also has so much nostalgia attached to it. All things of the past are trending, mid-range hues of green like olive, matcha, pistachio, and avocado green are perfect for achieving a groovy '70s aesthetic. Here are the best ways to use green this summer: 

  • Use as Accents
  • Fun Drinks 
  • Accessories 
  • Garland 
  • Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Plants
Green Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Angie Peralta, Featured in Boho Botanical Wedding Inspiration

5. Minimalistic Neutrals

Neutrals have become a staple palette that really softens summer and adds a chic boho finish. There’s something so reassuring about a classic neutral palette. Our favorite thing about it is that it calls for an abundance of textures. Silk, velvet, and furs, should be incorporated in linens, chairs, and draperies. Pampas grass, florals, and greenery will be the elements that tie this color palette together.

Neutral Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Katie Edwards, Featured in Boho-Chic Wedding in Claremont, California

6. Pastel Rainbow

Lilac paired with pale yellow, mint green, and bubblegum pink is the whimsical dream that we’ve been waiting for. This pastel rainbow is gentle yet fun. Think ombre cakes, makeshift clouds, chiffon, baby’s breath, and twinkling lights. This color palette is for every dreamer.

Rainbow Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Captured by Martina, Featured in Pride at the Pannikin Building

7. Throwback to Bold Colors

An unexpected but highly beloved palette is making a comeback. The bold colors of the ’80s and ’90s are being paired to make a fun and energetic combo that packs a punch. Colors like fuchsia, teal, bright red, and yellow look great on table cloths, stationery, suits, and converse! These colors are for those that live boldly and want to give their guests a twist on traditional wedding colors and décor.

Bold Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Shelby Rose Photography, Featured in Groovy & Retro Elopement at Monadnock Berries

8. Simple Navy Blue & Peach

Peaches scream summer, so peachy hues are in. Navy blue accents add a formality and traditional air to peach. Pick a couple of shades of peach to give your palette some contrast in comparison with the sharp navy blue. A navy blue suit with a peach boutonniere, navy blue tablecloths with peach centerpieces, and peach stationery with navy blue detailing are some of the many ways that this color palette makes a sweet splash.

Navy & Peach Color Palette
Photo courtesy of Liberty Shaub Photography, Featured in Bohemian Beach Wedding at Sunset Cliffs



Hero photo courtesy of This Modern Romance, Featured in Playful Hues Wedding Inspiration

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