Breathtaking Boutonnière Trends for 2022

Elevate Your Style & Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Day Look

Women aren’t the only ones who need beautiful flowers on the big day—modern men also appreciate how the right blooms can add that finishing touch to their wedding attire. Gone are the days when guys simply pinned on a red rose. Instead, they're getting creative with their choices to elevate their style and add a personal touch to their look for this special event. “Be open with your floral designer about the feelings and emotions of your wedding day,” recommends Samantha Leenheer of Samantha Joy Events. “They know the season and shape of flowers and various blooms more than anyone. Let them guide you and be open to flowers you may have never heard of.” To get you started, here are some ideas to serve as inspiration in your search for the perfect boutonnière for your 2022 event.

Consider Unique Blooms

While the red rose is beautiful, guys are thinking outside the box when creating their boutonnières, says Kimberly Sisti of Sisti & Co. With that in mind, she’s seeing an increase in the use of Dutch hellebores, miniature calla lilies, rare versions of hyacinth, and tulips, but when it comes to selecting flowers, the sky is really the limit!

Photo courtesy of 2 Brides (Left), Krista Mason Photography (Right)

Think Beyond the Traditional

You don’t need to stick with traditional flowers for the boutonnière. Leenheer says that the use of more creative blooms, such as hops and weeds, can add a lot of intrigue and open up the options to different colors.

Go Green

Succulents are becoming a more popular option for weddings, especially for eco-friendly couples. You can layer then with other plants like eucalyptus or berries for a boutonnière. 

Photo courtesy of Angel Sheree Photography (Left), Steph Smith Weddings (Right)

Add Some Texture

Sami Volcansek of Magnolia Ranch Events loves the trend of having fewer floral ingredients and opting for more interesting and textural details, with local grasses and foliage, berries, tendrils, and other botanical bits being favorites.

Coordinate Colors

Guys are more comfortable experimenting with color, and one way to bring in some cohesion is to try to match the flower and color to their partner’s blooms.

Photo courtesy of Monika Gauthier Photographer

Make It Mini

Alexandra Azat of Blush Botanicals prefers to use clusterings of smaller blooms so that each boutonniere acts as a unique, tiny version of the color palette of the overall florals of the event.

Play with Fabric

Ribbon saw a surge in use in 2021 as a popular way cover the tape often used in the production of the boutonnière. And believe it or not, the use of silk flowers and accents, which was once a big no-no, is now being embraced, notes Azat.

Photo courtesy of Simply Korsun Photography

Skip the Pin

According to Ashley Foote of Wild Hill Flowers and Events, floral pocket accents are a fun alternative to the traditional boutonniere. “These pieces allow for more blooms and textures to create a unique look for your groom and his groomsmen,” she explains. “With so much emphasis placed on wedding day details, we love the way floral pocket accents can be designed to match the style and vision of the day!”


Hero photo courtesy of Feather and Stone

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