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Creative Seating Chart Ideas to Wow Your Guests

13 Unique Ways to Guide Guests to Their Tables

From food and flowers to music and more, there are so many ways to personalize your wedding day. And while it might seem like a small part of the event, don’t overlook how much of an impact your seating chart can have on wowing your wedding guests. The days of simply placing escort cards on a table are over, with couples stepping outside of the box to show their family and friends to their assigned tables. Here are 13 ideas to help inspire you!

Drink Up

Paint each guest’s name and table number on a champagne flute so that everyone has a glass to raise when they get to their seat. This would also work with shot glasses or drink pouches filled with your favorite cocktail.


Around the World

Couples who love to travel can feature a world map-themed chart, where guests can pick up their seating assignments and then take them to tables named after specific destinations that are special to the couple.

Mirror, Mirror

Take an antique mirror and have the seating plan calligraphed onto it using a metallic Sharpie. If you’re having a large wedding—or simply want a more dramatic effect—opt for an array of small mirrors featuring individual tables.

Mirrored Seating Chart
Photo courtesy of Melia Lucida

Say Cheese

Print out guests' pictures on a polaroid layout that includes their names and table numbers. This will also give everyone a chance to take a good look at other attendees' faces, which can even break the ice as the event moves forward, explains Caitlyn Parish, Chief Digital Officer at Cicinia.

Flower Power

Write names and table numbers on the pots of mini succulents, or pair each escort card with a small, handcrafted vase in a variety of colors. Guests can then take home the plant or vase as their favor.

Flower Pot Seating Chart
Photo courtesy of Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Look Through the Window

Fuse creativity and style into a seating chart by using window panes within wooden frames. This gives off an attention-grabbing effect since they deviate from the typical materials used for backdrops, notes Parish.

By the Book

If you’re having a small wedding, you can create a unique seating chart with books specifically chosen for each guest. This might get pricey if you’re having a bigger event. In that case, use foam blocks and wrap them with cloth, writing the names and table numbers on the “spine” of each one.


Surf’s Up

This is perfect for a beach wedding, leaving a great memory to all the attendees—as well as the newlyweds, who can hang it in their home or use it to catch a wave. Either way, every time they see it they’ll be reminded of their beautiful day.

Light the Way

Help guests find their seats with these beautiful candles calligraphed with each person’s name and table assignment.

Escort Candles
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Yale

Spell It Out

Letter boards are a cute way to show off your seating plan and are an easy DIY you can do as a couple.

Hang It Up

Simple can still be stunning. Hang string on a wood board or palette and then clip escort cards to the string with colorful clothespins.

Escort Card Display
Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Benét

Go for the Gold

Feature a different table—along with all of the guests who will be seated there—in various gold frames that can be hung at the entry to the reception.

Add Some Color

We love the trend of using watercolor escort cards in a vibrant color that coordinates with the wedding’s style and theme. Hang each card on a white background so the colors really pop.


Hero photo courtesy of Marissa Nicole Photography

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