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How to Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts on Your Wedding Registry

5 Simple Dos & Don'ts When Asking for Cash as a Wedding Gift

Nobody likes talking about money. We’ve been taught it’s not something you discuss in polite company. Couples struggle to speak to parents about contributing to the wedding—now imagine asking extended family and acquaintances for a cash wedding gift. No need to worry! Asking for cash wedding gifts is actually much more comfortable than you may have been led to believe. You just have to know how. Here are five simple dos and don’ts when asking for cash as a wedding gift.

1. Don't talk about gifts on your wedding invitation.

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for things to come. An invitation shares the who, what, and where of your wedding day. Asking for gifts or any kind of mention of your registry on your invitation is considered bad form.

2. Use technology to spread the word.

While it’s not considered acceptable to list a registry on your wedding invitation, it's okay to list it on your wedding website. Many wedding websites include a templated page for couples to share information on where they're registered. This is also the perfect place to talk about donations to a favorite charity or your preference for a cash gift. 

3. Tell your story.

If you plan on asking for cash gifts, it’s best to be upfront with your wedding guests about what you're using the money for. Explain that you're saving for a fantasy honeymoon, to put a down payment on a house, to make some renovations to your existing home, or to build a nest egg. Your wedding guests will understand and appreciate your honesty and transparency.

4. Set up a gift registry, too.

There are wedding websites where you can register for a cash gift, honeymoon contributions, or traditional gifts. Popular sites like Zola offer you the ability to have an all-inclusive registry with options for physical gifts, honeymoon contributions, or cash gifts. Other sites like Honeyfund can be used specifically for your honeymoon. It has breakdowns where guests can contribute to upgrading your airfare, buying you a romantic dinner, or paying for an exciting excursion. Not surprisingly, major home repair companies now offer registries too! If you’re saving for home improvement, you might consider registering for gift cards to use for your project.

Including a traditional registry with a few items you might need is perfect for those who aren’t comfortable giving cash and want to pick out something tangible. Many couples find that if they don’t pick a few things, some wedding guests will be left to their own, possibly questionable, tastes, and you might get a gift that's not quite your style.

5. Place a card box at the reception.

Most couples will have some sort of card box at their wedding reception, typically placed on the welcome table. Be sure that the box is sealed with an opening large enough to accommodate large envelopes. If your box is displayed during your cocktail reception, assign someone to keep an eye on it. Keep in mind that some wedding guests will want to hand the cards directly to you, so it’s always a good idea to assign an honor attendant the job of checking on you throughout the evening and taking cards to be placed in the box. And, of course, don't forget to keep track of who gifted you what so you can send a proper thank you note after the wedding is over!


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