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How to Plan Your Dream Honeymoon

Pro Tips for Planning the Perfect Post-Wedding Trip

After living through the Covid-19 pandemic, people are ready to travel the world once again—and that means couples getting married are back to planning dream honeymoons. In fact, according to stats from Honeymoon Goals, a whopping 99% of couples take a honeymoon right after their wedding. And while Hawaii is the most popular spot, there are so many other places to go. So before you start planning, take a look at these pro tips to make sure you plan the perfect post-wedding trip.

Determine Your Interests

While honeymoons typically conjure up images of lying on a sun-soaked beach, you don’t need to book a tropical vacation if that isn’t your preference. From exploring museums to hiking through a nature preserve to skiing down a snowy mountain, figure out what a dream honeymoon looks like to you and your partner.

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Set a Budget

Just like you should set a budget for your wedding, you need to know how much you really can spend on your honeymoon. According to Honeymoon Goals, the average cost of a honeymoon is between $2,500 and $3,500, or about 15 percent of the wedding budget. Couples who want a more luxe experience spend on average a little under $10,000. Of course, that price will fluctuate depending on how long you want to be away, where you want to go, and what types of activities you want to do while there.

You can certainly research prices on your own with websites like or If you’d like some help, contact a local travel agent who can help you estimate costs. You and your partner should also sit down and figure out if you want the trip to be a part of your overall wedding budget, or in addition to it.

Research Early

You want to start pricing airfare and hotels as early as possible so you don’t miss out on any early bird fares and specials. Jim Campbell of Honeymoon Goals recommends that couples start planning the honeymoon around eight to twelve months before the big day. “Any vacation of a lifetime will need many months of meticulous planning to make it just perfect,” he explains.

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Book Wisely

Remember, just because you got married in the height of summer, you don’t have to leave for your honeymoon straight away. Campbell points out that if you wait until the “shoulder season”—September/October or May/June—you should be able to score some pretty good deals on both hotels and accommodations, yet still be able to make the most of some pleasant weather. In addition, checking in on a Sunday or Monday is also a good way to try and reduce costs a little.

Stay Open-Minded

You have that dream to go to Maldives, but you simply don't have the budget. Talking to a travel professional can allow you to have a similar experience at a fraction of the cost. “They may have six to nine places lined up that can give you a similar experience without paying tens of thousands of dollars,” notes Shane Mahoney of Lugos Travel.

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Set Up a Honeymoon Registry

Many couples choose to forgo registering for traditional items (place settings, towels, kitchen appliances, etc.) and instead set up a honeymoon registry where guests can chip in for everything from airline tickets and hotel stays to romantic dinners and exciting excursions, family and friends can help pay for your trip through sites like Honeyfund, Honeymoon Wishes, and Traveler’s Joy.


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