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The Newest (and Most Unique!) Theme for 2021-2022 Weddings

Every year brings a fresh crop of wedding themes and this year is no different. One of the newest—and most unique—is Japandi, an interior design trend that combines “the modern flair of Scandinavian design” with “the timeless elegance of a Japanese aesthetic,” according to MyMove.com. Now it's gaining popularity with couples that love the simplistic and natural look it can bring to their wedding day.

Japandi Place Cards

Although Japandi embraces minimalism, it's anything but boring! In fact, wedding planners and their clients are learning that when it comes to putting together a beautiful event, less can definitely be more.

Keep It Clean

This style is all about modern and sleek lines, so keep your overall aesthetic as simple as possible. Simply put, there's no room for clutter in Japandi. For example, choose invitations with a clean look (skip the bold colors or loud designs), while guest tables shouldn’t be cluttered with too many decorative items. Instead, choose one focal point—a modest centerpiece or a few candles—to maintain the overall vibe of the trend.

Japandi Wedding Invitations


Focus on Sustainability

Japandi aims to be as eco-friendly as possible. With that in mind, couples should pay close attention to the items they use throughout their event. Focus on materials and fabrics that are common in nature, such as linen, jute, bamboo, wood, and stone. And you can easily add decorative touches—and subtle pops of color—with items including feathers, seashells, and gemstones.

Japandi Style Bar


Embrace Imperfection

One of the exciting things about Japandi is the aesthetic doesn’t promote perfectionism. That means it’s perfectly acceptable to blend different fabrics and textures together. Think mixing and matching chairs at your guest tables, opting for furniture in both light and dark wood. You can also fill your space with comfy couches in muted tones, but varying natural fabrics, or choose different centerpieces for each table.

Japandi Wedding Cake


Stick with Neutral Colors

Japandi is all about celebrating your natural surroundings, so focus on Earth tones and other muted colors such as gray, brown, beige, ivory, oatmeal, terra cotta, and greens. You can combine these colors to create your wedding’s color palette or use various shades of the same hue throughout your event. If you want to add some color, be sure to stick with a simple shade, such as light pink or yellow.

Japandi Wedding Style


Bring Nature Inside

You don’t have to get married outdoors to showcase nature throughout your event space. In fact, it’s easy to do while indoors through the use of large potted plants and trees, and smaller plants used as centerpieces. Love flowers? You can definitely incorporate them into your wedding day—just keep the arrangements simple with light colors. And if possible, select a venue that gets a lot of natural light, which is the best way to showcase all of the beautiful greenery around the room.

Japandi Wedding Florals


Choose Simple Attire

Of course, couples will want their wedding day attire to match the overall look and feel of their event. For brides, this means a dress that isn’t heavily embellished and is made from natural fabrics, if possible. You might even want to look into repurposing your mother or grandmother’s old wedding dress to create your own unique look. As for grooms, stick with a light, neutral-colored suit, and then add to the look with a patterned tie and simple boutonniere.

Japandi Wedding Attire


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