Spring Florals

Our Favorite Spring Florals

Plus, the Floral Trends We're Loving Right Now

Spring is the season when nature starts to bloom all around us, which is why there are so many beautiful choices when it comes to selecting your wedding day flowers. From bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces and altar archways, here are some ideas for your spring vows.

In order to save money and ensure that your flowers are available for your wedding day, the best option is to choose varieties that are in season. Some of spring's most beautiful blooms include:


With its black center, the anemone makes a dramatic statement in any bouquet or standalone perfectly in a boutonniere. Place them in a bridal bouquet with roses and sweet peas for something that looks like it was picked straight from the garden.

Photo courtesy of Bruna Kitchen Photography


These lush flowers come in a variety of colors, including spring faves pink, purple and white. You can make a gorgeous bouquet simply with different hues in it.

Photo courtesy of Feather & Stone (Left), Maria Francesca Nitti (Right)


With their large shape, hydrangeas can certainly stand on their own. But to add more depth, add some eucalyptus or olive branches. You can also combine colors—hydrangeas come in blue, pink, green, white, and varying shades of purple—for a truly unique look.

Photo courtesy of Victor Sizemore Photography


Who doesn’t love the sweet smells of lilacs? And their pretty purple hue is simply perfect for the season. They look best with pops of white.

Photo courtesy of Petula Pea Photography

Lily of the Valley

There is a reason the British royal family loves this formal flower. You can use it as a filler with other blooms or showcase it on its own, making the bouquet as lush or dainty as you like.

Lily of the Valley
Photo courtesy of Annie Elizabeth Photography


Peonies are the definition of spring perfection. They come in an array of colors to coordinate with any wedding’s palette. They would look amazing with sweet peas and ranunculus in a complementary color.

Photo courtesy of Liz Koston Photography (Left), Emilie Olson (Right)


This yellow flower symbolizes new beginnings—making them perfect for a wedding. Pair them with white roses; the yellow of the daffodils will add a nice pop of color to the neutral base of the roses.

Photo courtesy of Angie Peralta


Synonymous with spring, tulips make for a beautiful arrangement alone or coupled with other spring blooms like roses, peonies, daffodils, and hyacinth. Just be sure to keep them in an area with even light as they will instinctively bend towards a brighter light.

Photo courtesy of Light Walkers

Spring Flower Trends for 2022

Bold Colors

While neutrals will always have a home in spring weddings, this season will bring bold color palettes, says Joan Wyndrum of Blooms by the Box. “Lovely geranium casts a bright, cheery hue, and it can be easily mixed with complementing shades of peach or barely-there pink,” she explains. “If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle instead of a saturated overload, try choosing 1-2 bright colors as a focal point and weave in some neutrals as a buffer.”

Pretty in Very Peri

Use Pantone’s Color of the Year as a guide and incorporate the gorgeous Very Peri into your ceremony aisle florals, boutonnieres, bouquets, or even as edible flowers in your cocktails, recommends Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services. “Even if you aren’t necessarily the adventurous type with color, periwinkle is soft enough that it blends in perfectly with pastels or nudes—both of which are also stars of the season,” he says.

Vintage Touches

With the latest season of Bridgerton out, tablescapes will be overflowing with vintage heirlooms and dinnerware, and pearls will be a huge hit sprinkled throughout bouquets and centerpiece displays, notes Wyndrum. If you really want to go over the top, create a ceremony arch with roses, eucalyptus, olive branches, light blue delphinium, and thistle.

Light It Up

Dennis suggests elevating centerpieces by intertwining wireless twinkle lights into the florals. “Not only does it add some dimension to the arrangement, but it creates the perfect atmosphere when your spring wedding goes from day to night,” he reveals.


Hero photo courtesy of This Modern Romance

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