Unique Wedding Cake Flavors with Růže Cake House

Floral, Fruit, Funfetti—Oh My!

Is there any part of wedding planning more fun than the cake tasting? We happen to think not—and, today, we’re digging our forks deep into unique wedding cake flavors to help spark some sweet (and maybe even savory) ideas for you as you plan your tiered treat. To help us talk all-things unique wedding cake flavors, we’ve tapped the expertise of Scottsdale Arizona based Růže Cake House Creative Director and Co-Owner Jessica Rose Boutwell. Read on for the top flavor trends she's baking up this season.

1. Wedding Cakes with Infused Floral Notes

Since the Royal Wedding, we’ve definitely seen an increase in couples curious about cakes with infused floral notes. Meghan and Harry paired elderflower with lemon, which we’ve tried (and think is delicious!). Our two favorite combinations at the moment, though, are lemon with lavender, and chocolate with rose:

  • Lemon and Lavender: We soak our lemon cake with with a house-brewed lavender-infused syrup, and then sandwich it in layers of fresh lemon curd and lavender cream cheese buttercream for a fresh, summertime option. The lemon adds a sharpness that really helps balance the floral flavors and prevents the cake from taking on any sort of “soapy” undertone.
  • Chocolate Rose: For a chocolate rose wedding cake, we sprinkle our triple chocolate cake with a rose-infused syrup, and then layer it with rose petal buttercream and whole, fresh raspberries. It’s such a fun take on a traditional chocolate raspberry cake, with many layers of flavor.
slices of wedding cake
Photo courtesy of Arli Quinn

2. Fresh Fruit Wedding Cakes

Another trend we love (and which we hope never goes out of style!) is the incorporation of fresh fruit between the layers of cake. It’s hard to create that same bright flavor with jams and jellies. And nobody says you have to stick to berries (like strawberries and raspberries); we even love filling cakes with things like stone fruit and other seasonal options. For example, a Prosecco-infused cake filled with a fresh, ripe peach buttercream creates such a refreshing combo. And, if you’re really looking to mix it up, you could add a little bit of thyme to add yet another layer of complexity.

Photo courtesy Jenn Wagner
Photo courtesy of Jenn Wagner


3. Funfetti Wedding Cakes

And finally, Funfetti! The beloved cake from our grade-school days has made a major comeback (and we couldn’t be happier about it). Couples love surprising their guests by hiding those classic colorful sprinkles underneath a more traditionally-decorated cake. It’s such a fun way to end a more formal evening!

funfetti wedding cake
Photos courtesy of Růže Cake House (left) & Ashley Baumgartner (right)



Hero Photo Courtesy of Jenn Wagner

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