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8 Items You MUST Include on Your Wedding Website

While couples have been setting up wedding websites for years, the pandemic proved that having a site dedicated to your event is an absolute necessity. Not only will it keep family and friends in the loop about any changes (if necessary), but it will also give them a clear picture of what to expect when they show up to celebrate your vows. Not sure what to include? Here's a rundown of the information everyone will find most useful.

Event Info

The website should have the schedule of events for the wedding day or weekend to ensure that guests know where they have to be and when. This should also include any information about pre and post-wedding gatherings (unless you’re not inviting everyone in attendance). And of course, if there are any changes to your plans, the website should be immediately updated.

Dress Code

Sometimes a simple “Cocktail Party Attire” or “Black Tie Optional” on the invitation isn’t enough. The website is the perfect place to offer more detail on how guests should dress. And don’t hesitate to offer helpful tips, such as letting everyone know that they’ll have to walk on grass to get to the outdoor ceremony (which can make wearing heels harder), to apply sunscreen before arriving if shade is scarce, or that it gets chilly at night so they may want to bring a wrap or sweater.

COVID Restrictions/Expectations

As we're still dealing with the pandemic, guests will undoubtedly want to know what you're going to do to ensure their health and safety at the event—as well as what will be expected of them when they show up to your venue. Some important questions you’ll want to answer for them include:

  • Should unvaccinated (or all) guests show up with a negative COVID test? If so, be sure to list some testing locations close by, especially for out-of-town guests.
  • Are you requiring masks while inside?
  • Will most of the event be outdoors? If not, are you spacing out tables and limiting the number of people at each one?

Registry Information

This is the type of information that should never go on the wedding invitation, but guests need it to make sure they purchase what you really want and need. The website is the perfect place to list all of your registries, including wish lists, honeymoon or newlywed funds, or preferred charities so family and friends can donate in your honor.

Hotel Accommodations

As soon as you choose the wedding location, book a block of rooms for out-of-town guests in advance, and then put the hotel information on your website, including the rate and any deadline they need to adhere to in order to get the discounted price (if applicable).

Location/Excursion Details

Create a list of fun things to do and see in the area in case your guests want to do some non-wedding activities during their stay. Or, if you've booked any special activities or excursions for your family and friends to enjoy, let them know about it ahead of time so they can prepare in advance.


Let everyone know if you’ll be providing any transport during the wedding weekend, such as a shuttle to and from the airport, from the hotel to the wedding venue, or from the ceremony location to the reception. If not, you can still provide numbers to reliable taxi services, which will be helpful for those who don’t use Uber and Lyft.

Social Media Guidelines

Give guests a heads up if you’re having an unplugged ceremony. In addition, you can also include your special wedding hashtag so that family and friends can use it on their social media photos throughout the day—making them easier for you to find later on.


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