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Winter Wedding Fashion Trends for 2023

10 Trends We Can't Wait to See Come Down the Aisle This Winter

While winter brings colder weather, that doesn’t mean couples need to forgo style when choosing their wedding day attire. In fact, the season is bringing a fresh selection of fashion trends for brides, grooms, and their wedding parties that will look stunning in person and in photographs. Even better—couples are ignoring tradition and choosing to express their individuality through their fashion choices on the big day. Here are ten trends we can’t wait to see come down the aisle this winter!

Sheer Sleeves

Dropping temps doesn’t mean you can’t show off the sheer trend. Brides and their bridesmaids can simply opt for wedding dresses or jumpsuits with sheer long sleeves, explains Amanda Maynard of Confête. You can also show off a pair of sheer long gloves—like the ones below—to add some drama to your look.

Non-White Wedding Dresses

A trend that will still be going strong is the colored wedding dress, reveals Laura Roncagli of MyBeautik. It could be pink, blush, or even black, while riskier brides might choose to wear a patterned dress. 

Wedding Suits

One of 2023’s biggest bridal style trends will be a sleek bridal suit. “This is also a great sustainable option as you’ll always wear the pieces again in the future,” says Maynard. “If part of the ceremony or reception is outdoors, adding a dramatic topper such as a cape or faux feather jacket makes for gorgeous photos in the snow.”

Brighter Hues

In the winter months, many believe that darker colors add more charm, but another popular trend is to opt for bold and bright colors for the wedding party. “A colored suit or tuxedo is a great way to add a pop of color to your wedding look without going over the top,” says Jacqueline Vizcaino of Tinted Events. “This can be an excellent choice for couples who want their wedding to stand out in a sea of black dresses at their black-tie event.”

Lovely Lace

Most lace wedding dresses are ivory, but you can also find lace dresses in other colors, like champagne or blush, notes Ty Wilson of CustomMade, an online custom jeweler. And it doesn’t have to be a dress. Consider a lace jumpsuit or separates for a more modern take on this classic look.

Luxe Velvet

This material is perfect for a winter wedding because it will help you stay warm while looking chic and stylish. Velvet is also available in a variety of colors, from classic black to jewel tones like emerald green and ruby red. If you want to go all out, have your bridesmaids wear velvet dresses as well, recommends Wilson.

Stylish Sparkles

The matte nature of snow makes for the perfect contrast to extra sparkle, explains Amanda Ackerman of Bella Brides. It can be a super sparkly dress or a pair of tights with a short reception dress!


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Fashionable Fur

Most brides getting married in the mountains will be taking pictures outside, therefore some sort of jacket or shawl is a necessity. “For that true wintery feel, most brides will opt for a fur or faux-fur accessory to complete their look—and to keep from freezing their buns off,” says Ackerman.

Closed-Toe Shoes

Not only are these better suited for winter, but ballet flats are also making a comeback. These are a more comfortable option when dancing the night away and will allow you to walk in icy or snowy weather.


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Refined Ruffles

Ruffles were all the rage on the fall 2022 runway, and we’ll likely see many brides walking down the aisle in the style this winter. It’s the perfect look for someone who wants to make sure all eyes are on them!


Hero photo courtesy of Heather Kincaid, Featured in A Winter's Promise

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